Hardy Water Lilies

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Buy hardy water lilies in Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Peach/Orange, and Changeable. We have a large selection of hardy water lilies (over 50 named varieties), and some of the lowest prices anywhere. Our hardy water lilies come in red, white, yellow, pink, peach/orange, and changeable. We sell our hardy water lilies bare root. They are adult tubers, not the small eyes that you would get elsewhere.

HARDY WATER LILIES (nymphaea) The hardy water lily with its profuse and extravagant blossoms is a winter hardy or perennial plant. Lilies come in a variety of colors and sizes and once established bloom continuously all summer. Hardy lilies can easily be distinguished from their tropical counterparts in that the leaves are smooth around the edges. Hardy water lilies perform many functions in the water garden. Water lilies provide shade, coverage for fish, utilize water-born nutrients and insulate the water from extreme day/night temperature fluctuations. Hardy water lilies grow best in a generous amount of heavy garden soil avoiding too much organic matter unless it has been well composted. Even the heaviest clay soils will work fine with the addition of a little sand and fertilizer. Depth should be maintained between 6" and 18" when first transplanted and then once established can be grown from 12" to 30" depending on the variety. Fertilize monthly to reach maximum blooming potential.