Planting Instructions for Hardy Water Lilies

Planting Hardy Water lilies

Hardy Water Lily Planting Diagram InstructionsPlace the tuber at a 45° angle with the non-growing end against the side of the pot and the crown(where the leaves come out) towards the middle of the pot. Add either several tablets of fertilizer or a 1 yr fertilizer spike. Lilies are heavy feeders and should be fertilized monthly (if using tablets) after planting throughout the growing season. Be careful that the fertilizer is not touching the roots as this will burn them. Press the soil around the roots, being careful not to cover the crown of the plant. Covering the crown, may kill your water lily. It is better to plant lilies too high, than to plant them too deep. Hardy lilies are placed at the bottom of the pond. Large to medium varieties should be placed at a water depth of 18" to 30". Small varieties should be placed at a water depth of 12" to 24". Dwarf varieties should be placed at a water depth of 6" to 12". When placing lilies in the pond, position them away from waterfalls and fountains as they prefer still water

For specific planting depths and type of container to use read the plant information at the bottom of the item description for the plant you are planting.