Allied 1000 Watt Pond Heater / De-Icer

Allied 1000 Watt Pond Heater / De-Icer

  • $49.95

Pond Heater/De-Icer - 1000 watt

The optional guard (NOT INCLUDED - SOLD SEPARATELY) is required when this Floating Pond Heater/De-Icer is used in ponds with liners.

Allows the release of toxic gases from decomposing organic matter.

This floating Pond Heater/De-Icer will keep a hole open in a large pond and will keep a very small pond or tank ice free. These Pond Heater/De-Icers have a non-adjustable thermostat, an automatic shut-off for safety (should it be removed from the water, it cannot start a fire) and a 15' power cord. The Pond Heater/De-Icers automatically turn on at about 40°F.

One-year warranty.

Use a Pond Heater/De-Icer to heat a small opening in the top of your pond where it normally would freeze over in the winter. By having a Pond Heater/De-Icer you will keep an area thawed in the pond, thus allowing the release of toxic gases from decomposing organic matter to escape and at the same time, allowing oxygen to enter your pond. Pond Heater/De-Icers are used primarily for ponds containing fish. The Pond Heater/De-Icers are not really heaters. They will not "heat" your pond. They have automatic thermo-regulators inside of them and turn on when the water temperature is around 40°F. The "heat" generated by the Pond Heater/De-Icer will keep an area of the pond's surface from freezing, thus allowing the toxic gases to escape and oxygen to enter.

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