Waterscapes by Atlantic - Skimmer PS4000

Waterscapes by Atlantic - Skimmer PS4000

  • $182.95

Waterscapes by Atlantic - Skimmer PS4000 - 3,000gph Max Flow Rate

Waterscapes by Atlantic is where quality meets affordability. Aimed at the do-it-yourselfer, Atlantic’s Classic skimmers, FilterFalls and FastFalls are the perfect products with which to install and maintain a beautiful water feature. Find out why, year after year, Atlantic’s classic products have been among the most popular in the water garden industry.

Model: PS4000
Weir Width: 6”
Dimensions: 17½”W x 24”D x 22”H
Pump Flow Range: 1,000 - 3,000 gph
Sq. Ft. Rating: 300
Filtering: basket, mat
Match to FilterFalls: BF1000/BF1250
Other: Includes retail packaging  

Atlantic Classic Skimmer Features:

* Professional Quality
* Economically Priced
* Lifetime Warranty
* Discover the .. ATLANTIC ADVANTAGE ..
* Rigid skimmer basket makes cleaning easy. Just empty and rinse with hose.
* Unique weir design improves skimming action and prevents fish from entering the skimmer enclosure.
* Skimmer enclosure houses and hides the pump.
* Extra-wide basket and filter mat means less maintenance.
* Cross flow design makes pump access and removal easy.
* Prefilters water and protects against pump clog-ups and loss of water flow.
* Enclosure is ruggedly built from high molecular weight polyethylene and is warranted for life!
* All Skimmers include Basket, Filter Mat, & Plastic Lid
* NEW Installation Kit with Silicone, Assembly Clamps, & Improved Instructions

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