Atlantic TIdalWave 2400

Atlantic TidalWave 2 Mag Drive Pumps - TW 2400

  • $243.00

Atlantic TidalWave 2 - 2400 gph - TW2400

TidalWave2 asynchronous pumps are the perfect choice for high flow, medium head applications where energy consumption is a factor. Efficient vortex impellers driven by asynchronous magnetic induction provide great hybrid performance. Perfect for pond and waterfall applications, these pumps deliver high-volumes with direct-drive performance and magnetic-drive efficiency. Compact, powerful TidalWave2 Hybrid Pumps offer the best of both worlds. This pump uses 175 watts and has 22' of max head. 2-year warranty

TidalWave 2 Series Features:
* High efficiency in a compact size
* Low maintenance and energy efficient
* Safe for fish, contains no oil
* Epoxy encapsulated asynchronous motor
* Vortex impeller
* Wear–proof ceramic shaft
* 32’ power cord
* 2-year warranty

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