Cleopatra Canna

Cleopatra Canna

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Cleopatra is one of the most unique and beautiful cannas on the market. The leaves of the cleopatra canna can be completely green or completely red (deep burgundy), but they are usually a mix. This gives a very unique red / green variegation to the leaves. The flowers are like the leaves in that they can be all yellow, all red, or yellow and red mixed. Every Cleopatra canna is different from every other. This is one of our favorites here. Plant them in the ground outside your pond to give a fantastic backdrop or plant them in a pot inside your pond at a 1" - 2" depth.

Cleopatra Canna (Canna 'Cleopatra')
Hardiness Zone: 8-11
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
Planting Container: We recommend a 2 gallon solid planting container or a medium planting bag.
Height: 3' to 5' - Spread: 3' to 4'
Water Depth: Moist Soil to Water Depth of 1"

For in depth planting instructions visit our Bog Plant Planting Instructions page.

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