Dwarf Variegated Sweet Flag (Acorus gramineus variegatus)

Dwarf Variegated Sweet Flag

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A miniature version of Variegated Sweet Flag, this attractive bog plant has tufts of green and white foliage. Pretty plant that looks magnificent at the edge of the pond or in the stream bed. Dwarf Variegated Sweet Flag is evergreen in Zone 6 and above and adds color all winter to the water garden.

Dwarf Variegated Sweet Flag (Acorus gramineus variegatus)
Hardiness Zone: 6-11
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Shade
PLANTING CONTAINER: We recommend a 2 gallon solid planting container or a medium planting bag.
Height: 8"-12" - Spread: 12"
Water Depth: Moist soil or water up to 1" deep (Maximum water depth is for mature bog plants)

For in depth planting instructions visit our Bog Plant Planting Instructions page.

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