Atlantic TidalWave A31 - 9100 gph

High-Head Pumps - Atlantic TidalWave A31 Pump

  • $816.00

Atlantic TidalWave A31 - 9100 gph

TidalWave A-Series pumps have set the new standard for performance, quality, and durability. These professional-grade pumps are engineered for high-head, high volume applications and perform where most pumps cannot. This 1 hp pump uses 10.3 amps that pushes 37' of head with a 3" outlet.

TidalWave Features:

* Rugged cast-iron and stainless steel construction
* Precision manufactured motor with thermal overload protection
* Double silicone carbide mechanical seals
* Duel drive bearings
* Vortex impeller
* 32' heavy-duty power cord
* 2-year warranty (see terms & conditions)

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