Horsetail Rush (Equisetum hyemale) - Hardy Bog Plant

Horsetail Rush

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Horsetail Rush has dark green foliage with intermittent horizontal black bands. Extremely cold tolerant, Horsetail is evergreen in most areas of the country. Will grow in wet or dry soil, but does not tolerate water above the crown of the plant. New growth appears in the spring and is a brighter green.

Horsetail Rush (Equisetum hyemale)
Hardiness Zone: 4-11
Light Requirements: Full sun to part shade
PLANTING CONTAINER: We recommend a 2 gallon solid planting container or a medium planting bag.
Height: 2' - Spread: Running Spread
Water Depth: Dry to wet soil (does not tolerate water above the crown)

For in depth planting instructions visit our Bog Plant Planting Instructions page.

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