Nitrate Test Kit

Nitrate Test Kit

  • $9.95

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Nitrate Test Kits

  • Easy-to-use liquid test solutions for nitrate
  • Essential when cycling a new aquarium or maintaining ideal water parameters
  • Match the color of the test solution against color chart for accurate test results

Nitrate Test Kit measures nitrate levels in both fresh & saltwater. Tests nitrate levels from 0 to 160 ppm. 110 tests per kit. Nitrates become toxic to fish (and plants) at levels of 50-300 ppm, depending on the fish species. For fry, however, much lower concentrations become toxic. A nitrate test kit is only of limited value in determining whether the nitrogen cycle has completed. Most nitrate test kits actually convert nitrate to nitrite first, then test for the concentration of nitrite. That is, they actually measure the combined concentration of nitrite and nitrate. In an established tank, nitrite levels are essentially zero, and the kits do properly measure nitrate levels. While a tank is cycling, however, a nitrate kit can't tell you how much of the reading (if any) comes from nitrate rather than nitrite.

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