Microbe-Lift pH Decrease 16 oz.

Microbe-Lift pH Decrease 32 oz.

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Microbe-Lift® pH Decrease 32oz.
Safely LOWERS pH Levels
Microbe-Lift® pH Decrease is formulated in deionized water Microbe-Lift® pH Decrease includes 2 pH decreasers for gentle effectiveness and 3 electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance Microbe-Lift® pH Decrease contains a slime coat ingredient for skin protection and stress reduction in pond fish Microbe-Lift® pH Decrease has a chelating agent to enhance water quality Microbe-Lift® pH Decrease is not harmful to fish or plants

Test pond water the same time each day (dawn=lowest pH; dusk=highest pH) for a pH reading ABOVE 8.5. Most ponds target at 7.5 pH with an alkalinity level between 100-200 ppm (normal range). Add one ounce per 375 gallons of pond water for every 0.1 pH unit decrease desired. Apply Microbe-Lift® pH Decrease in several steps and measure reduced pH before next addition. If your pond contains fish and/or plants, do not dramatically lower your pH levels more than 0.5 pH unit in a 24 hr. period, as not to shock aquatic life and/or fish.

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