Laguna Pond De-Icer

Laguna Pond De-Icer

  • $25.00

Laguna Pond De-Icer

The Laguna Pond De-Icer helps prevent pond surfaces from completely freezing over and allows necessary gas exchange that is essential for keeping fish and living organisms alive in winter. The De-Icer consists of a 35 cm (14 in) high-density styrofoam float, a venturi valve for aeration, and an extendable riser stem. It is recommended for temperatures down to - 4 º F (-20 º C). Adapts easily to most water pumps.

* Fresh oxygen enters the pond, while toxic gases escape

* Pump is suspended above the pond bottom, maintaining proper temperature zones

* Place in deepest part of the pond, up to a maximum of 2 feet deep or half the depth of the pond


* High-density styrofoam float (14" diameter)

* Extendable riser stem attachment with 3/4" hose adapter

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pumps and couplings not included.

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