PondMaster® 2000 Filter

PondMaster® 2000 Filter

  • $84.95

Pondmaster® 2000 Filter

A complete pond filter that's designed for ease of use and simplicity.

Dual filter elements offer particle filtering and chemical filtration of certain harmful compounds and unwanted colors.

Filter media is easily rinsed or changed, making it less time consuming than many other filters of this kind.

Uses a course polyester filter for excellent mechanical filtration of particulates, and a fine carbon-impregnated polyester filter for biological filtration. In addition to the polyester and foam, the filter box also accommodates bulk filtration media such as stone, ceramics, or lava rock.

* For use with pumps up to 1800 gph
* Low profile unobtrusive filter rests on pond bottom
* Convenient handle for taking filter out of water
* Washable filter media included
* Quick disconnect for easy removal from pump sources
* Modular design allows units to be connected together for higher capacity

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