Water Lettuce - Floating Pond Plants

Water Lettuce - See Restrictions

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THIS PLANT CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO AL, CA, FL, MS, PR, SC, TX, or WI - will be substituted or cancelled. We recommend Giant Sensitive Plant as an alternative to Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce.

Water Lettuce floating pond plant resembles a floating head of cabbage or lettuce. The foilage of this pond plant is unique in that it is ribbed and velvety, and the color ranges from light green to lime-green. The flowers are fairly insignificant, small white flowers appear at the base of the leaves. Offsets from the base of the mother plant produce baby lettuce. Water lettuce prefers some shade in hotter climates and the leaves will yellow if in direct sun. A popular choice for pond owners who have water gardens that are located in shade or part shade. Water lettuce, like water hyacinth will compete with algae for nutrients and provide shade and coverage. The dangling, feathery white roots provide hiding places for baby fish. Large Koi do like to snack on the roots and foliage, so we advise placing the water lettuce in an area of the pond that is in-accessible to the fish. This floating pond plant needs water temperatures to be 65 degrees to flourish. Water Lettuce does not tolerate cold water or freezing temperatures. The leaves, when exposed to the cold will turn white and rot away.

Water Lettuce (Pistia stratioes)
Hardiness Zones: 9-11
Light Requirements: Part Shade to Full Shade
Height: 2"- 12"
Water Depth: Floating Surface Pond Plant

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